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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program about?

TITP is a work – training program under supervision of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Government of India providing job opportunities for Indian youth in Japan. It offers job opportunities in any of the 75 skill categories, for a specific period (3 – 5 years) in Japan. Candidates may refer the NSDC website for more details. https://nsdcindia.org/titp-home

How much time it will take to fly to Japan and get my first salary?

After receiving the Offer letter by the Candidate, it will take around 4 – 6 months for Non- Nursing candidates and 8 – 10 months for Nursing candidates to start working in Japan.

Please give some idea about the education curriculum?

Japanese language training is conducted by qualified Japanese language teachers. While Standard Japanese text books are used for training, the curriculum is tailor made to ensure that the candidates are able to grasp and clear the JLPT / NAT exams. Also, in order to strengthen their practical conversational skills, the interns are trained in the class room, by developing their conversational skills, by giving them hypothetical scenarios of what they might actually come across in Japan. Reference Teaching materials, standard Japanese books, Picture Cards, Voice Data, Video, Business Manners Textbook etc. are being provided to the students.

Is there any education other than Japanese language?

The candidates are trained on Japanese culture and manners apart from Japanese language. We train the students on the basics such as mannerisms, courtesies, etiquettes etc., from the 1st week of the curriculum starting and they will be guided in such a way that they are able to learn Japanese manners from an early stage. Candidates will be submitting reports, on a weekly basis in teams like 5S Concept, Sanitary habits, Time Management and are provided coaching on how to plan, the ability of schedule management, etc. Further, trade related specialised Japanese language training is also imparted, as required.

Are the candidates allowed to write JLPT Japanese exams during the training period?

Yes. Candidates can write the JLPT exams which is highly recommended.

What is the duration of internship/ job in Japan?

By Default, it is a 3 years internship. The Visa can be extended up to 5 years and even longer based on candidate’s performance & intelligence.

Is the internship/Job confirmed?

Yes, it is a confirmed internship for the candidate to work in Japan for 3 to 5 years.

What salary can I expect in Japan?

Japan has 5 days per week working culture and hourly wage system. You can easily expect wage of 900 – 1000 JPY (Japanese Yen) per hour. This converts to approximately Rs. 1.00 to 1.25 Lakh per month. Japanese organisations have attractive overtime pay (weekends or holidays 135% and weekdays 125% of JPY wage per hour)

Income calculation & Savings under the program

What is the Selection process

i. Registration & Screening

Screening Test shall be conducted for the registered candidates for testing on Basic English, Maths, Reasoning, Stress Test & Physical Test. Shortlisted candidate appears for interview Face to Face or on Skype at our office. 7 – 14 Days.

ii. Interview and receipt of offer letter

Once the candidate is selected, he/she is handed over a Provisional Offer Letter from the Japanese Organization. 90 – 120 Days.

iii. Pre – Departure Training & clearing JLPT/ NAT

After receipt of offer letter, candidate is expected to undergo 4-6 months training (it varies as per Date of Joining, language level requirement). For the Visa proceedings, the candidate has to necessarily clear JLPT/ NAT – the Language Certification. Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), conducted in July & December every year. 120 – 180 Days.

iv. Visa Processing & Flight Tickets

3 months before the date of joining, formalities for Candidate’s Visa and detailed documentation will begin & he/ she boards the flight to Japan on the desired date. 120 – 180 Days.

v. Departure & Advance Induction Training in Japan

After arriving in Japan, the candidate is subjected to 30 days Advance Induction training to get familiarized to the newer environment. Post the induction training, candidates will be guided on to join their respective company office location.

Why is the fee different for sending organization?

Each sending organisation chooses to tie up with different categories of Japanese recruiters. We assure the best possible tie up with good recruiter in Japan which means higher salary, good incentives and MOST IMPORTANT, safe working environment for all of our registered candidates.

What are the job/ growth prospects after 3 years internship in Japan?

Once the initial term of employment/visa expires, candidate will have to apply for the “Specific Skill Visa” to extend validity. (Specific Skill visa consist of two types, one is 1-go and second is 2-go), once candidate apply for 1-go after initial trainee Visa expires, candidate can work there for another 5 years, and again when one apply for 2-go after 5 years, candidates can work there for another 5 years. But for Care-giver category, when one apply for 2-go then they can also work longer than 5 years because of unlimited validation during 2-go for nursing profile.

Is the loan available?

Yes, Loan facility is available with Banks & NBFC’s. Terms and conditions as per their requirements.

What are the basic living expenses in Japan? How much amount can I save?

Basic living expenses include accommodation, transportation, gas, electricity, water, taxes, insurance etc. approximately Rs. 50000 Per month. The candidate can look forward approximately Rs. 50000 – 60000 per month significant savings, which leads to a minimum of Rs. 20 Lakhs after 3 years.

What facilities of lodging, boarding, medical will be provided by the employer? What will be the mode of payment?

Lodging and medical insurance will be arranged by employer but cost will be deducted from salary. Lodging, dormitory will be arranged on nominal payment. Boarding or food facilities will be self-pay, candidate can cook on their own, though utensils and some necessities (like Washing Machine, Microwave Oven and Refrigerator etc.) will be arranged by employer.

Can I visit my native country during the 3 years internship period?

Yes, a candidate can visit their native country during the 3 years internship period for any crisis or emergency situation in the family. It depends on the Visa rules of the country which may change.

What is the total fee and the paying schedule?

Fees to be paid by the student as per the following schedule:

Note: Security deposit would be refunded in case of not getting selected in the interview.
All the amount mentioned are in Rs. & inclusive of GST.
The total fee amount would not change however fee payment structure could be changed as per the discretion of the management anytime.

What benefits can I expect under this program after getting selected in the interview?

  • Employment contract for 3 years
  • Books, reading & study material
  • Audio Video Aids
  • Certified trainers for a structured Training
  • Required Curriculum for learning Japanese language & culture
  • Airfare to Japan
  • Documentation, COE (Certificate of Eligibility) & Visa arrangement
  • Hand holding at each step for clearing the required level of JLPT/ NAT

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