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What is TITP?

Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) aims to contribute to developing countries by accepting people from these countries for a certain period of time (1 year to 5 years maximum) and transferring skills through On the Job Training (OJT).

What Is The Qualification?

A pass in the three years Polytechnic OR a pass in the two years ITI. Mechanical is preferred but others are also eligible/considered.

Please explain briefly about the program

Kaizen will select Polytechnic/ITI passed candidates and send them to Japan for 3 years for internship. Before sending them to Japan, the candidates will be trained on basic Japanese language and Japanese culture. A stipend will be paid to the candidates to meet their food & accommodation expenses. Then the candidates will be placed in Japan for a specified period (1yr to 5 yrs max) with a salary in Japan. After the completion of internship, the candidate will be returned to India. On successful completion of internship and when the candidate return to India, CII & Kaizen will assist to find a suitable job to the candidate in India.

What Is The Selection Procedure?

Selection of Interns are purely based on Qualification and good performance in the interview. To identify the eligible candidates, various tests are conducted like Aptitude Test, English Test, Concentration Test, Physical Tests and basic Medical examination.

What Is The Duration Of Internship?

There are 3 levels of internships

  • By default, all are 3 years internship.
  • If the Japan company is willing to extend the internship it can be extended maximum to 5 Years duration.
  • Also, there is a 1-year option available.

What Will Happen After The Internship Or Return To India?

After completion of the internship programme, the candidate will be returned to India. On returning to India, Kiazen will assist the candidates to find a suitable job in India.

Is There Any Training Fee For 3 to 5 Year Internship?

Yes. For 3-5 years internship, there is a training charges. After placing the candidate in Japan, this will be provided as a loan by a financial institution or a Bank and later deducted in monthly EMI in Japan for a period of 12 months to 18 months. That means when the candidate is in India, there will not be any charges. But candidate will be paid a monthly stipend in India.

Please give some idea about the education curriculum?

Japanese language education is conducted by qualified Japanese language teachers.Standard Japanese text books are used for the training. Also, in order to strengthen their practical conversational skills, the interns are trained in the class room, by developing their conversational skills, by giving them hypothetical scenarios of what they might actually come across in Japan.

What Are The Teaching Materials Used?

Marugoto is the textbook that is used as the primary teaching material to provide classes that mainly to concentrate on the conversational skills.

Reference Teaching materials used are Minna no Nihongo, Picture Cards, Voice data, Video, Business Manners Textbook, etc.

Are The Candidates Allowed To Write JLPT Japanese Exams During The Training Period?

Yes. Candidates can write the JLPT exams which is highly recommended.

Is There Any Education Other Than Japanese Language?

The interns are educated on Japanese culture and manners apart from Japanese language classes. They are made to submit reports, on a weekly basis in teams like 5S, Sanitary, Time Management and are provided coaching on how to plan, the ability of schedule management, etc. We plan to educate the interns on the basics such as manners etc, from the 1st week of the curriculum starting and they will be guided in such a way that they are able to learn Japanese manners from an early stage.

In What Trade And Which Sector They Will Be Train During Internship Programme In Japan?

At present Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics. But in future there is a possibility for 72 sectors.

Please Explain About The Placement In Japan?

After successful completion of the selection in India, the intern will be placed in one of the Partner company in Japan with a monthly internship salary.

The duration of the internship can be 1 year OR 3 years which can be extended to maximum of 5 years based on their performance during the internship in Japan.

Visa, Tickets, Insurance will be provided by the company.

Accommodation, Transportation will be provided by the partner company in Japan

Food and other expenses shall be borne by the trainee.

For 3-5 years candidates, training Loan and other expenses, deducted over a period of 18 months after placement in Japan.

For 1 year candidates, all the costs will be paid by the implementing company.

Is There Any Agreement To Be Signed By The Candidates?

Yes, after selection, the Candidates and Kaizen Intern Training Center will sign an Agreement.

If In Case Of Any Trouble In Japan During The Internship Programme Then What Are The Support/Facility The Candidates Will Get In Japan?

Insurance, Accommodation, Transportation will be provided by the company. Apart from that KITC is having our partner company as Receiving Organization who will take care of the candidate’s needs during the stay in Japan.

What Is The Role Of Government For This Candidate During Training Program In Japan?

Only the Government approved companies are eligible to send the candidates to Japan. Also there are Government approved Supervising organizations who takes care of the candidates in Japan.

Is There Any Bonus Payment?

Yes, if the candidate completes the internship successfully with a good performance, he will be eligible for bonus payments while returning to India.

How About Promotion?

Continuous improvement of Japanese language and also technical skills upgrade will provide promotion/Bonus – on a case to case basis.

What Will Happen When The Candidate Returns To India After Completion Of Internship?

After completion of the internship programme, the candidate will be returned to India. On returning to India, KITC will assist the candidates to find a suitable job in India.

What Are The Other Special Points To Note?

Please note the following important points:

  • Coming late is not allowed during the training period. Warning will be given. If a person comes late for three times, he will be terminated from the TITP program.
  • There is no leave. But NTPL holidays like Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays are available.
  • Dress Code should be strictly followed as recommended during the internship.
  • Japanese manners will be taught during the training programme and which needs to be followed strictly.


TITP – Technical Intern Training Program

OTIP – Organization of Technical Intern Program

OJT – On the Job Training

MoU – Memorandum of Understanding

MoC – Memorandum of Cooperation

R4J – Ready for Japan